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Wendy Haugen is currently a practicing clinical laboratory scientist that has worked in various lab settings since 1986. She became involved in the drug and alcohol industry in 1992. Since then she has become a qualified urine drug screen and breath alcohol technician/ instructor. Wendy received her certification through SAPAA (Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association) to instruct business owners on DER and Reasonable Suspicion/Signs and Symptoms Training in the workplace. She has attended many national drug and alcohol training seminars across the United States, sponsored by the national organizations of SAPAA and DATIA. She was a guest speaker at the national SAPAA convention about collection site horrors in rural settings in the spring of 2008.

Reasonable Suspicions, Signs, and Symptoms Training

This session will provide DOT and Non-DOT required supervisor drug and alcohol training. This training will qualify supervisors to make reasonable suspicion determinations and will meet all DOT Supervisor-Training Requirements. Montana State Law requires these training qualifications be made annually. This seminar is suggested for all DOT and NON-DOT Employers & Supervisors who have a drug and alcohol program in place. The required certificate will be rewarded at the completion of the class.

DER (Designated Employer Representative Training)

DER is classified as the person handling your companies drug/alcohol & safety programs. There are many perplexing situations that business owners will encounter in these positions. This course covers diligence, new hiring procedures, adulteration/substitution and the positive drug user. The course covers Post Accident Testing, Return to Duty &Follow-up Testing; using all qualified DOT Certified SAP. There will also be some discussion on the interaction between the MRO (Medical Review Officer) and DER. I will share valuable information to the business owner and cover the latest DOT 49CFR Part 40 regulations regarding Drug and Alcohol Testing. Attendees will be provided suggestions and materials to help them comply with the regulations.